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LiveJournal iPhoto Exporter for iPhoto '08 (version 7) [06 Jul 2009|11:29am]

Is there a plugin for iPhoto that allows you to export photos to that works with iPhoto '08 ?

The version posted on only works with iPhoto version 6.
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which albums are linked to journals? [24 Oct 2008|05:22pm]

Is there a way to find out which albums I have in my scrapbook that are linked to journal entries I've made? Need to do some spring cleaning and don't want to create dead links to pictures.
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[19 May 2008|04:25pm]

I've posted this a while ago in another community because somebody asked for help. I figured it might be useful to post here too!

When you upload a pictures to your scrapBook, you don't just upload a picture to scrapBook. LJ converts that picture into different preview images plus the original one. And there are also several ways to access your picture.

Let's take this picture for an example! - original picture - gallery view without links - gallery view with links* - 4x2 regular preview - 4x2 - B&W preview - 20x13 regular preview - 20x13 - B&W preview - 36x23 regular preview - 36x23 - B&W preview - 52x34 regular preview - 52x34 - B&W preview - 68x44 regular preview - 68x44 - B&W preview - 84x55 regular preview - 84x55 - B&W preview - 100x67 regular preview - 100x67 - B&W preview - 125x82 regular preview - 125x82 B&W preview - 141x93 regular preview - 141x93 B&W preview - 100x66 regular preview** - 150x150 regular preview - 320x240 preview - 640x480 preview

*gallery view depends on the number of the gallery the image is in. In this case it's #292.
**for this image the size appears the same as with 't644b' but if you have another aspect ratio than my picture, it changes.

This suffix we have here is basically a wildcard. You can replace any of the number in it and your image will change shape and form. If you replace the 'Z' at the end with a 'Y', it works on the other axis. I haven't quite figured this out yet or what rules apply to the numbers you change, so I think you'll have to play with it a little. The 'G' indicated the B&W version of the image. - 150x120 regular preview - 150x120 B&W preview

The most common mistake made is that people add a / at the end of their URL and then think LJ has resized their picture. However this is not the case. LJ does not resize images, it only generates several preview formats and different ways to access your hosted files.

Given that I only ever used that layout for my scrapBook there might be even more default previews our there that are not on my list right now. If you know of any, please comment here so I can add them to the list. Thank you :-)
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Windows XP Publishing Wizard not working [24 Mar 2008|07:02pm]

Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures using Windows XP Publishing Wizard? It doesn't let me upload more than 1 or 2 photos at once for some reason. It used to work for me.

Is there another way to resize and upload photos to Scrapbook? It seems like the publishing wizard is the best solution, but it no longer works for me. :(
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Change order that pictures in gallery are displayed? [30 Jan 2008|09:53am]

Is there an easy way to change the order in which a gallery displays pictures? Currently, my galleries display the oldest material first; I'd like to change it so that the newest items display first. I've looked through the documentation a couple of times and didn't see anything addressing this but perhaps I missed it?

I'm using a slightly customized version of the Portfoloroid Style but I'd be willing to consider changing styles if another one makes this customization easier for me.

Thank you!
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Multiple pics posted at once? and others. [26 Nov 2007|05:52am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey, all.  My first post here.  :D  My LJ is old, but I've once again started posting in it and bought a paid account.  I'm happy thus far, but I'm having a few (idiot) problems and I thought I'd go ahead and ask the geniuses here in case I missed something painfully obvious (which is usually the case).

First off, my galleries. I have three -- separate from the tag galleries, of course.  I understand how that much works. All three galleries are set fully public, but when I try to "view galleries" from the LJ interface, it only lists the first one I created.  I've tried adding "link from top" within the seemingly ghost-y galleries, but nothing helps.  Are they somehow set to a level beneath the first, original gallery?

2) What's the best way to link someone to one of your galleries via URL?  I've tried linking some photos and had people tell me they didn't work, while others have had no problems.  I'm guessing there's a permissions issue I haven't adjusted somewhere. :D

3) The big one.  I have a series of about 17 screencaps that I would like to post into one large journal entry... I don't want to spam my friends with 17 posts all at once.  I am *positive* LJ wouldn't have made the Scrapbook option without giving us the ability to post more than one picture, but I can't seem to find a non-cumbersome way to do it. Is there a function I've utterly missed?

Looking forward to helping out other members once I learn what the crap is going on here. :D

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Ummm who designed Scrap Book? [03 Nov 2007|03:49pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

I know that someone or a bunch of someone's put some or a lot of effort into Scrapbook,and that is appreciated. However someone should kick you guys in the nuts for the UI you implemented. In my life I've never seen such a clusterfuck of a web interface. Managing and moving pictures into galleries almost caused me to punch a hole in my LCD in frustration. Usually I'm good about just working out how something works but this. Dear god. Please. If the good folks at LJ are going to focus on anything over the next 12 months please, please, please, please, PLEASE make it CrapBook ScrapBook. I’d sooner get a root canal then use that mess of a UI again. I mean seriously. WTF? Is wacky weed really that prevalent at LifeJournal?

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Please help! [26 Sep 2006|08:54pm]

I have what I thought was a fairly simple need. In fact, it seems like it ought to be embedded in the program, it's so necessary.

Is there some way that I can put a link on every single page of my scrapbook that leads back to my recent entries journal page? I am putting together a journal for WORK of all things and need this right away. Can anyone help? I'd really appreciate it!

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