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Since fotobilder_user has been shut down, LJ-land is in need of another community about scrapBook!
- The community is in no way meant to replace the former FotoBilder community! Here are no official LJ staffers that can fix bugs right away. But we sure will try to help you with all the little problems you might experience which you don't want to open a support request for. (Layout problems, list of known issues etc... ) Or also just for the general talk about scrapBook and its features! (= this means that if you are experiencing a major problem with your scrapBook, we most likely can't help you and you should open a support request so all the right people are made aware of the problem!)

So if your post is about any aspect of scrapBook, this is the right place to post it to.

All we ask is that you respect other users. Thank you!

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P.S. This community is not an official LJ community.
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